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Friday, November 13, 2009

My Xbox 360 has Expired, let's have a moment of silence.....

Two nights ago, I decided to played Modern Warfare 2 on my 360--I've been playing on my buddies box.  Before I begin, I'm wondering how many of you have played the single player campaign? But, I digress, my Xbox360 is a launch day Arcade sku purchased on February 2006. Microsoft has done a tremendous job by penetrating a major market which was once dominated by Sony and now "Owned" by Nintendo.

Xbox LIVE ushered me into online gaming which to today "I Love it and truly appreciate it" "there nothing better." The seamless integration of a "simple friend invite" or the ability to instantaneously chat with anyone while playing any game "who would have thought to put such a feature into a gaming console." mind you, something PC gamers has grown accustom to..

Well I'm lucky enough to say my 360 demise was not as scandalous as the Infamous "RROD". It succumbed to the "fucking DVD tray that would never open......anymore until it was jimmied by it's owner just a little too hard to manually remove the DVD tray from 360 while 360 is still in tacked". Mainstream media does not know about this far too common aliment to succumb to the great and powerful  Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Today, I will expose this dirty little secret. I will--let the fucking "cat out the bag" and open the spooky looking door with skeletons in it. It's been well publicized that Microsoft either had the first generation of 360's manufacture by blind six fingered squirrels or it was just a minor miscalculation as a result of launching a tad bit too early. But who cares, my 360 did a hell of a job always playing when it suppose to, getting on LIVE without a hitch, even paying the $50.00 per year "no problem". Damn I'll miss you you 360. But, the one reoccurring problem, kept popping it's disgusting head up. My damn, bloody DVD tray would not eject, so I can put a game in to play. Now I know most of you are like "who the fuck cares" at least you did not get RROD you least had the option to play we did not.

I understand a malfunctioning DVD tray that needs to be pried open before it can be played is far easier to deal with than having to deal with "RROD" and wet towels--yeah it get's dirty. My biggest issue with Microsoft is the fact they let such an diabolical  in manufacturing occur?  The issue that face the Xbox 360 and challenged Microsoft is obviously RROD, but besides RROD there are many other issues that you really do not read about.  For example my 360, the DVD tray just died--cease to have the will to function,  do not forget about Scratched discs, the mysterious error code E71, Video failure, and the eerie E74 error, hard drive freezes, power issues

Microsoft has already apologize to us gamers by extended the warranty for the Xbox 360 and still offer a top-shelve online experience .  I know with new technology you take a risk but with an estimated failure range of 23.7% to 42%. That is pretty shitty odds if you ask me. Imagine if every time we step foot in our cars to go to work, pick the kids up from school, and we had a 21%-42% chance of our car failing catastrophically or better yet take a trans Atlantic flight and have a 21%-41% chance that your plane can fail.

If you look at the numbers of fail Xbox 360 units, this can be debated as one of the largest consumer electronic failures in the industrial era. That's how I feel "I can't play my 360" damn you one year advantage into a next generation HD gaming.

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