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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If you are a Sony PS3 Owner Please do not purchase Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout 3 for PS3 was a good time I'll have to admit.  Bethesda's Fallout 3 had it's occasional bugs and glitches but it was a playable and manageable game, it still had an acceptable flow to it.  Fallout: New Vegas for Sony PS3 has to be one really bad joke(and yes the shit is that bad from a technical stand point).  What I cannot comprehend is Fallout: New Vegas seems to use to same game engine as it's predecessor but this time around it is severely broken.

The framerate drops to painstaking speeds, my best guess 15-20 fps or maybe worst at times. When I first visited Crismon Caravan I played the first 2 minutes in slow motion(no seriously).  The most irritating part was the fact the the level took at least 5 minutes to load.  If you ask me that is unacceptable.

They are many times when I enter a newly discovered area(+10XP) and I enter a new room; the game takes 3-7mins to load, this severely hampers the game flow.  But, what makes me want to file a class action lawsuit against Bethesda Studios/Obsidian and all parties involved, are the constant game freezes.  The game will freeze for 2 mins to indefinitely.  This is utterly unacceptable. To say there where 300 games testers looking for bugs in Fallout: New Vegas is either a pure lie or they need to get new testers.

New Vegas senior designer Chris Avellone claims: "I think when you create a game as large as Fallout 3 or New Vegas you are going to run into issues that even a testing team of 300 won't spot, so we're just trying to address those as quickly as possible and so is Bethesda.

It's kind of like the bugs of the real world - the sheer expanse of what you're dealing with causes problems", he stated jokily

There is no fucking way there where 300 testers anywhere close to a PS3 copy of Fallout: New Vegas. I will agree they where probably 300 tester 298 for Xbox and the reminding two for PS3. It is unacceptable for a premiere game to be shipped with so many obvious technical flaws.

My issue is not really the extreme pop-ups, the weak AI, terrible textures and random enemies being stuck in walls, stones, tress, and floating mid-air.  It's the frame rate issues, the sudden freezes and extended load times that deems Fallout: New Vegas for the Sony PS3 a "Recalled"

Topic Notes:
Total time spent playing FO:NV: 43 hours Level 21
I rent Fallout: New Vegas from one of the few Blockbuster's reminding in  the DC metro area.


Anonymous said...

I wish that someone would initiate a class action lawsuit. I'd be the second on board. The fact that Bethesda got away with this release, is beyond me. The fact that so many gamers DEFEND Bethesda, makes me want to poke me eyes out with red hot slivers of metal.

K. Joseph said...

@mlbelgard.....I am so with you man. I do not understand...Big market games with that many bugs are unacceptable...especially in this generation.

Anonymous said...

if your up for it, i am filing a class action lawsuit once i get stuff ready. This is beyond acceptable and its illegal as sony, bethesda and obsidian have ignored the issue, BUT in there policy, it says that "all games must be working for sony to support it on its platform". This game DOES NOT WORK!

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