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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is Google TV and PS3 a match made in Heaven?

The battle for our television and living rooms is being wage on an intergalactic scale. With Apple and Microsoft's Xbox 360 leading the way and many other players injecting their two cents such as; Slingbox, Roku and Samsung/Yahoo. Now there is a new player on the block, by the name of Google TV. 

Google and Sony's relationship can only be described as very interesting.  With Sony releasing HDTV sets with Google TV and blu-ray players with Google TV.  It may only seem to be inevitable that Google TV may find it's way onto the Sony PS3 sometime next year.

Sony's PS3 as evolved tremendously since it's arrival in 2006.  But Sony still needs a must have App that will make the PS3 even more appealing.  This is where Google TV comes into play. 

Currently there is Torne in Japan, which let's the local populace record live & watch live television shows in HD and watch them from the comfort of the PS3. There may be even trophy integration for Torne.  Europe has PlayTV which is an HDTV/DVR add on unit for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game console. It allows the PS3 to act as an HDTV or DTV receiver as well as a digital video recorder (DVR) for recording television programmes to the hard drive for later viewing. The application will only start up with the DVB-T adaptor connected.

Sony is building up 2011 as probably the must significant year for the company from a software standpoint. With some of the most anticipated games coming out the pipeline. Sony is also finding new and unique ways of implementing social networking power of Facebook and Twitter into our gaming experience for 2011.  Also, we cannot forget the push for motion control and 3D which will be exacerbated in 2011.

So to ensure the now famous Sony PS3 slogan " it only does everything" Sony has to by default add Google TV to the PS3.


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