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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PSN Plus Members Save Your Games In The Cloud

Starting tomorrow with the arrival of PS3 firmware update 3.60, PSN Plus members will be able to back up their PS3 saved-game data online—a feature. This new feature will come in handy if your console's hard drive crash and burns.

PlayStation Plus users can expect 150MB of online storage, or up to 1,000 game files, which you'll be able to access from the PlayStation 3's XrossMediaBar—and yes, you'll be able to tap into your online files from another PS3 console besides your own, provided you log in with your PSN ID and password first.

The online backup service will work with copy-protected game saves, PSN Senior Director Susan Panico promises, and you'll be able to restore all your saved data once every 24 hours.


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