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Friday, April 22, 2011

Nintendo "Project Cafe" to Introduces “Screen Stream” Technology HD Controllers

The cat's out of the bag,  Nintendo is hard at work on a Wii successor that will actually use modern specs and technology; well kinda.  The internet is ablaze with wild speculation and rumors of Nintendo's PS3/360 HD killer "Project Cafe"(Nintendo and HD in the same breath).

Besides having modern specs that will compete even surpass the current HD champs Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox360 the most intriguing thing about "Project Cafe" will no doubt be the controller.

Nintendo builds consoles around innovative control schemes that just happens to change the way we play and interact with Video Games.    

It would seem that the Wii 2/Project Cafe will make use of integrated “Screen Stream” technology which will send players the game directly to their controller, displaying the action on built-in HD touch-screens. Each player will have a separate image connected to their part in the game, while the TV will be able to display each camera angle or turned off altogether.

Capable of splitting the images to four controllers and their 1080p HD displays, the hardware uses a special custom triple-core processor with an IBM PowerPC chip-set, similar to the one found in the Xbox 360. This will allow it the ability to be faster than Sony’s PS3 NVIDIA 7800GTX.

It seems Nintendo may be onto something again with a clever and innovate way to interact with games.  Does Screen Stream Technology sound fucking cool or will it be the half-ass attempt to attract all the core-gamers Nintendo have lost over the past decade that fizzles in a few years.


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