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Monday, April 25, 2011

Nintendo: "Project Cafe" will be shown at E3

Details of Nintendo's new console, including its name, have not yet been revealed. But Nintendo said it “will show a playable model of the new system and announce more specifications at the E3 Expo, which will be held June 7-9, 2011, in Los Angeles.”

Nintendo appears to have made a brief statement in a bid to squash rumours. Many reports have speculated on – and in some cases claimed to know from viable sources – the details of the Wii 2’s all-important control scheme.

The company statement, issued to investors, read: “Nintendo has decided to launch in 2012 a system to succeed the Wii, which the company has sold 86 million units on a consolidated shipment basis between its launch in 2006 and the end of March 2011.” It is rumoured that the Wii 2’s internal codename is ‘Project Cafe’.


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