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Thursday, June 19, 2008

NanoGeekTech presents: Online Rumors & Gossip

The internet is heating up with some crazy rumors about and throughout the video game industry. Let take a look at them and see if they make sense or if they are just words gathering in a sea of bullshit.

  • Dark Cloud 3 being developed for PS3 exclusively is reporting that Dark Cloud 3 will be a PS3 exclusive. According to PSbeyond there is an Itialian magazine call PSMania claim that Level 5 who is currently working on White Knight Chronicles is secretly working on Dark Cloud 3 "One of our infiltrates, has revealed that Level 5 is working on a new Dark Cloud exclusively for the PlayStation 3. This title will come out in March of 2009, and will be developed using a new open-technology, the Japanese style "Kumo Engine"
Rumor NanoMeter: I enjoyed the original Dark Cloud back in back when it was released in 2000. I never had the chance to play Dark Cloud 2 . Now, can we believe that there will be another Dark Cloud game in this glorious series? Short answer yes! It makes sense Dark Cloud is a critically acclaim series with great reviews why not showcase this special title with the power of "Blu" matched with the strength of the CELL.

  • Resident Evil 5 will be a time exclusive for Microsoft Xbox360 and Sony Ps3 owners get the Finger! is speculating "that From what I have been told, Microsoft is looking to pay Capcom an undisclosed amount, for timed exclusivity of Resident Evil 5. It is still not known if Capcom has accepted the offer… The information we got, was only that Microsoft has made the offer."
Rumor NanoMeter: The likelihood of RE5 being a Microsoft timed exclusive is as likely as Metal Gear Solid 4 being ported over to Xbox360. Microsoft is at a desperate moment in time and I would not put it pass them for taking a shot and trying to tie up RE5 for a few months if not a year. From an financial standpoint Capcom has more to loose if they tied up RE5 in such a manner. So I would file this rumor as pure adulterated FUD.

  • Microsoft buying Sega is also a great rumor floating endlessly in the digital sea I call the internet. is reporting: "So it’s no surprise that rumours are once again circulating that Microsoft may be about to make a move for SEGA (now SEGA Sammy Corp). It’s certainly not the first time we’ve heard about such a move - the last mention of it being back in early 2004 when it was speculated upon on many industry sites such as The Register and Gamespot. When you think about it, such a move would make perfect sense."
Rumor NanoMeter: This is a more realistic scenario for Microsoft to pursue, because the big "M" is currently feeling the heat from the runaway momentum train that Sony is currently riding. Microsoft needs a better software library and Sega has an historically great software library with instant classics such as Sonic, Daytona, Virtua Fighter, Sega Rally,Panzer Dragoon, Phantasy Star,Clockwork Knight,The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return,Otogi: Myth of Demons just to name a few.

When 2009 hits Microsoft needs to have games in there pipeline that will combat with killer apps such as: Kill Zone 2, God of War III, FF series, and the many other unnamed exclusives that Sony will drop like a midget trying to bench press a baby elephant.

Microsoft needs to do something drastic and big to regain the public's heart which is slowly being overpowered by the unstoppable viral strain called the "Wii" and Hollywood in a box aka: Sony PS3. Microsoft will make some huge announcements pertaining to the Xbox360 this summer beginning with E3 and through the rest of the summer. MS also has to begin to lock up great game content for the Xbox720 which we may see as soon as 2011-2012 so why not purchase Sega and begin bringing our childhood classics into the next generation of gaming wars.


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