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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Call Of Duty: World of Wars PS3 Review

Developer: Treyarch, Certain Affinity (Multiplayer maps)
Publisher: Activision
Designer: Margaret Tang (director)
Writer: Craig Houston
Artist: Brian Anderson
Composer: Sean Murray
Series Call of Duty
Engine Call of Duty 4 engine
Native resolution: 600p (Xbox 360, PS3)
Version 1.1 (as of November 10, 2008)
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
Release date(s) NA November 11, 2008
EU November 14, 2008
AUS November 12, 2008
Genre: First-person shooter
Mode: Single-player, multiplayer, cooperative
Rating: BBFC: 15
PEGI: 18+
Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD-DL, Wii Optical Disc, Nintendo DS Game Card, Download
System requirements See Development
Input methods Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse, Wii Remote & Nunchuk, Touchscreen

What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world. ~Robert E. Lee, letter to his wife, 1864

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was able to throw players into an overwhelming adrenaline filled world of death and utter chaos making it by far the best game of the series. Call of Duty: World at Wars has some damn big shoes to fill.

World at Wars focuses on the lesser known theaters of World War II. You will not be part of Normandy or D-Day for the billizion time. Call of Duty: World at Wars covers the island hoping campaign in the Pacific as well as the Red Army's reversal of tide at Staligard all the way to the Fall of Berlin.

World at War is a dirty, nasty and unforgiving affair but the Pacific and Eastern Front were especially brutal. Japanese soldiers swarm out of the brush, wait for you in spider holes and sometimes play dead waiting for you to walk into their trap. All the combat in Call of Duty: World at War occurs in open environments but for the most part, it feels like close-quarters combat much of the time.

Call of Duty: World at War feels like any other COD game through and through. The action is fast, fluid and highly scripted. Enemy soldiers and computer teammates respawn endlessly until you hit a trigger to get to the next phase you repeat this until the game ends. The AI is pretty bad the only way you are killed, is because you are out numbered and not paying attention. Being that there is an endless respawn of soldiers you have to keep it moving in Call of Duty World at War or you will come to a quick death.

The single player campaign in World at War ends fairly quick, it is in no way as satisfying as COD4. The character models in Call of Duty World at War are completely fugly. I do not know what the hell Treyarch was thinking! The in game characters look like they have Elephantiasis in the face(no joking some of the fugliest shit I have seen it's unacceptable)

Online Muliplayer is similar to the established Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. You will find the same perk and ranking system and six different MP modes includes the standard death match and capture-the-flag. Cooperative gameplay is available up to two players via split screen on consoles, or four players online the first for the COD franchise. One of the coolest features in Call of Duty: World at War is a minigame called Nacht der Untoten( German for "Night of the Undead)where players work together to kill and endless swarm of zombies. You gain points by killing, injuring or repairing boarded-up windows. Overall the online MP for Call of Duty: World at War is very impressive, the levels feel twice as big as COD4. They are numerous nooks and places to hide and snipe. The amount of details shown in any level is also an impressive feat.

Call of Duty: World at War is an entertaining game, single player campaign is quick and does not have the awesome theatrics found in COD4. Where you will get your money worth with COD5 is online. War at World online matches the pace and intensity of COD4 making it an overall fun experience.

Graphics: B
Call of Duty: World of War sports some pretty nice graphics especially the massive environment you use as your personal killing field. The character models are a little ugly which is unacceptable but this does not take away from the overall experience.
Sound: B
COD4 support some of the best gun and explosions effects in a FPS. World at War does explosion well but the sounds of your guns when fired lacks that audible punch found in COD4.
Replay Value: A
Online is where you will get your monies worth. The single player campaign is short quick and at times uninspiring. Playing online with friends or random strangers adds a high level intensity not found in the single player mode.
Control: A
There not much to say about the controls in War of Worlds, it's as good as you can get. The controls are easy to get, especially if you played any of COD games in the past. The learning curve is a great as your first time playing tic-tac-toe.
Fun Factor: A -
Call of Duty: World at War is fun, playing co-op with a few friends against a Nazi herd of Zombies never gets too old. The massive level gives you many unique hiding places to perfect your sniping skills.
NanoGeekTech Overall Score: B+

Should you buy Call of Duty: World at War or rent it: This is a hard one for me, I am still playing COD4 and enjoying it tremendously, for some strange reason COD 5 does not feel as intense as COD4. This could be the fact that I am a little tried of WWII games. Or it could be due to the fact I like the sound of the guns and explosions more in COD4 versus Call of Duty: World of Wars. I would recommend purchasing World at War if you have not experience the COD universe. If you own COD4 most of your friends may have already stepped up to World at War so it only may make sense to add World of War to your Sony PS3 library.


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