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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sony's Boss Kaz Hirai VS Microsoft’s Greenberg "War of Words"

I believe the Sony PS3 is a machine that is built to last about ten years. With the recent addition of a very cool Photo Gallery , Divx 3.11 support and HOME shows the extendability of this magnificent beast.

Many throughout the gaming industry has bitch and moan about complex architecture that makes up the PS3. Recently Kez Hirai dismissed Microsoft and Nintendo as competitors because he sees PlayStation as the "official" industry leader. This is absolutely the truth, Sony PS3 is the most technological advance gaming machine/blu-ray/ Digital Audio device on the market.

Kez Hirai also went on to state in the Offical Playstation Magazine "This is not meant in terms of numbers, or who's got the biggest install base, or who's selling most in any particular week or month, but I'd like to think that we continue official leadership in this industry" Sony, wants to change the industry and help take it to the next level. This will be prevalent when Killzone 2 is released next month and the debut of true HD 3D tech this year.

Kez Hirai proceed to take a little more shoots at the competition "It's difficult to talk about Nintendo, because we don't look at their console as being a competitor. They're a different world, and we operate in our world - that's the kind of way I look at things.

"And with the Xbox - again, I can't come up with one word to fit. You need a word that describes something that lacks longevity," he added with a laugh.

Kez Hirai is preaching the truth my people, like it or not PS3 is in a league of its own. Many people would call Kez Hiari statements cocky and ego driven.

Aaron Greenberg told bitbag "This sounds like an old hardware company that’s comfortable with its market position," Aaron also grips "That complacent attitude is out of touch with where the industry and consumer is today."

"This generation won’t be won over just hardware specs, but who can out-innovate when it comes to online and software," he added. "This is the kind of stuff that’s in our DNA, and frankly moves the console war onto our home court."

Greenberg also stated that he's "confident" that Microsoft will outsell the PlayStation 3 throughout the current generation. "I can’t imagine any scenario where the PS3 can catch up with us," he said.

"In fact, even if you doubled the current PS3 sales and Xbox 360 remained flat, they couldn’t close the gap until 2014."

What Microsoft fails to realized besides having as many boxes in the living room, this console war will be decided by, creativity, extendability, functionality, and most importantly technology.

Nintendo and Microsoft storm out the gaming gate with some creativity and limited technology. Now three plus years in, the only console that is currently raising the bar every month is the Sony PS3.

Nintendo as this moment continues to produce and manufacture some of the worst fucking gaming moments know to man. Nintendo should be fucking embarrass with the mountain of garbage they are marketing the the public with their magical cash producing doohickey called the Wii.

The Wii is not built to last ten years and it's obvious. The Wii seems like a public experiment to help Nintendo R&D department see how the real next generation Nintendo console should be and also help finance it.

Microsoft Xbox 360 bolted out the gate with an army of great games. 2009 so far seems like the 360 has lost a tremendous amount of steam. Aaron Greenberg, has to portray value in a system that is on it's way out in next 365 days.


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