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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sony PS3 FW update 2.60 Details

According to reports on the net, Sony may be dropping a new firmware update 2.60 soon as soon as tomorrow!

Features to be included in firmware 2.60 update would be a Photo Gallery application that would allow you customized your photo sildeshow with music and organize them in groups base on verious criteria. Such as pics with smiles or pics without smiles.(Sounds pretty cool)

2.60 update would also include Guess access to PSN store and Divx 3.11 support. I am pretty happy about the Divx 3.11 support. There are still some video files I cannot stream to my PS3 no matter what. Not able to stream all my videos to my PS3 is a little unsettling because I have never experience this issue with my Xbox360. So I hope the added Divx 3.11 support helps out with this annoying issue.

Video after the jump

I wonder what does Sony have in store for firmware 3.0? What do you think?


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