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Monday, February 23, 2009

Bad Economy! Well you need a PS3

The current economic outlook does not look too good for many. With unemployment reaching levels not seen in decades, the DJIA falling faster than a TV child star career and every other house on your block on the verge of foreclosure. Why not invest in a Sony PS3. It may sound like the most ass backward move you can make when the world is on an economic meltdown of global proportions. But, I will try to outline the logic and reason for investing $399.99 plus tax in a Sony PS3 in such murky economic times.

If you are a gamer, casual or hardcore a PS3 should be considered as your console of choice. They are currently two cheaper alternatives besides the PS3 but as a gamer the PS3 is the one you should focus on. Sony has recently confirm MAG, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain and God of War III will be here before year end. If you are the impatience type KillZone 2 will be here in four days, StreetFighter IV has officially hit store shelves, and Infamous will be here just in time for the spring bloom.

Beside a great core of AAA exclusives here in the US and overseas in Japan, you have the ability to access your PSN all for free. Now, I understand you have to pay for broadband which can cost at least $50.00 a month. But, with such a rough economy you will not have to pay to play on your Sony PS3. You will not have to pay to access premium full game contents on the PSN. You will not pay to DL any movie of choice and store it on your HDD. You will not pay to use HOME as a meeting place to conduct business, casual social encounters or getting with friends to play a game of Warhawk.

It can cost you up to $9.75 per person to attend a movie, add popcorn candy and soft drinks you can easily spend sixty plus dollars. If you own a PS3 you can say "to hell with the movies" rent a blu-ray, DVD or if you are a little adventurous DL a movie to your PC and copy it to your PS3 HDD. You can also visit Hulu/YouTube/NewsFilter and many other site to view television shows, movies or porn online all for free. If by chance you have a Sony PSP you have a portable video player on the go. All your media content on your PS3 can be access by your PSP anywhere around the world as long as there is a Wifi connection. Did I mention this is done all for free?

Now say you hate movies and do not plan to buy, rent, or stream any movies to your shiny new PS3. And your idea of any games consist of two rocks, one egg and a donkey named Eddie. The PS3 still oozes with value. You can use your PS3 as a cheap PC alternative to browse the Internet, check the weather, read sports, or just kill time. Life with PlayStation will help feed your appetite for global news and weather and at the same time teach your young lings some geography or maybe yourself. If having unlimited access to the world news all for free does not float your boat you can help contribute to the Control of Membrane Fusion Mechanism by Lipid Composition: Predictions from Ensemble Molecular Dynamics(WTF) by using Sony Folding@home. With your new PS3, even if you are not a lover of movies and games you can still be well informed about the world events and weather while helping scientist of the world solves gods riddles.

Ok, if you do not like playing God, can't stand blu-rays(hurt your eyes), would shoot mother nature if you had a chance and thinks world events is chronicling of an impending doomsday. Do not worry there is still more shit you can do with your Sony PS3. You can display your photos all in glorious HD to your adoring friends or family members. With the addition of the new Gallery feature for the PSN, that helps you sort your pictures by smiles, age and many other random criteria. You can make your very own custom themes for your PS3.

So with 3d Blu-ray and 3D gaming on the horizon, AAA exclusives like Killzone 2, God of War III, Heavy Rain, MAG and inFamous due out this year, built in Wifi, upgradable HDD, free PSN, B/C older models, PSP connectivity, Movie storage and purchase on your HDD, Full premium games on PSN for purchase(no need to visit the local Wal-mart anymore),Life with PlayStation, the new PSN Gallery, HOME, Folding@home, free to play with friends online and the ability to talk to anyone around the world for free. Let's not forget a very will built reliable machine that will last you years. So what are you waiting for, head to your local pawn shop(best way to get old PS3 unit with B/C) or BestBuy and pick up a PS3 do your part to help stimulate the economy!


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