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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Advance Facial Recognition heading to the PS3

There has been toying with Facial Recognition ever since the Sony Cyber Shot cameras days. Currently there is a primitive form of facial recognition with the recently added photo gallery app. The photo gallery app currently can tell your age, if you are smiling or if you are sad. This gives you the ability the sort your photos by emotions and age. Also let's not forget head tracking coming to GT5.

Let's fast forward one year and Sony will be planning to take Facial Recognition to the next level with Vision Library. Once a face has been analyzed, your Sony PS3 can tell it apart from others, determine orientation, identify gender, tell what expression that face is expressing, and then superimpose some big-eyed anime head right on top of it real-time. This combine with Sony MoCo(Motion Controls) and 3D can really change the way games are played.

Video after the jump:


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